3D Product Viewer

Fast 3D Product/Object Viewer using HTML5, Javascript (WebGL)

3D Product Viewer

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Fast 3D Product/Object Viewer using HTML5, Javascript (WebGL)
Using GPU for faster rendering.
It’s support HIGH-POLY objects.
Currently you can load only: .3ds, .obj, and animated MD2 files.

Ability to load .3ds + .obj + animated MD2
Auto rotation by default
Easily configurable
Responsive, fully resizable!
Support mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad)
work on local PC. No need to upload it on the server(Firefox only)
Free 3d Model for demo
Load faster than three.js
model and Texture/material is protected, making hard for poeple to steal the model and texture/material

Desktop browsers
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Safari 6.0
Opera 12
Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge

Mobile browsers
BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry PlayBook
Default Android Browser(Not all supported)
Internet Explorer (Windows Phone 8.1)
Firefox for mobile
Google Chrome 30
iOS – mobile Safari, in iOS 8.